Oral Surgery
Impacted wisdom teeth. This is the most common oral surgery intervention. There are several reasons why it should be done:

* Can cause inflammation in the gums by incomplete eruption and generate a chronic infection.

* To avoid injury in the second molar (prior to the Juico wheel), such as cavities and gum problems.

* For lack of space in the jaw that may affect the proper eruption of adjacent pieces and even cause crowding.

Canines Including Sometimes no canines erupt, being included in the jaw. Ideally in such cases is to perform a combined treatment with an orthodontist to try out the impacted tooth to its normal position in the arch.
Sometimes the surgeon may advise surgical removal of the same to avoid complications (cysts, infections, damage to neighboring teeth).

Cysts and apicoectomies
There are several types of jaw cysts are the most common (radicular cysts) are caused by chronic infections of dental origin.

Cysts, growing, they are destroying adjacent bone and form large cavities within the maxilla or mandible. Can also be infected, and all must be surgically removed.

When the cyst is related to the final part of the root of a tooth, is also removed during the removal of cyst ("Apicectomy").